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What does an essence-conforme professional specialization bring you ?

With each speciali­zation, your foreign value increases. The more highly qualified receive more money. In addition, focusing on your essential qualities in­creases the meaning­fulness of your pro­fessional life. By specializing in yourself and removing all exhausting masks and foreign parts, you won't waiste valueable life energy anymore, which are needed to keep the show going !

How do you get to a pro­fessional unique­ness respectively how can you become in­ex­change­able in your pro­fessional life ?

From a higher point of view, most of the people are 99.9% the same respectively inter­change­able. Only a 0.1% part really differs from other people or competitors. This 0.1% is what makes them unique. I analyze you in such a small detail that you can recognize your original and differing aspects. If you specialize in that 0.1%, you are unique.

The 100% dedication to your 0.1% uniqueness requires time, patience, courage, humility, awareness and clarity. Achieving 0.1% corresponds to standing out from the human or entrepreneurial collective and is a continuous process that can also extend across different professions or industries. Matter is much more inert than spirit, so the 0.1% represents a long-term goal. If you can already remove the 80% from your life that do not belong to you, then you have already achieved much more than most people in the industrial countries.

Do you already have a consistent (wide) pro­fessional field in which you could specialize yourself further ?

A speciali­zation that conforms to your essence includes not only the technical depth of know­ledge, competence and qualifi­cation, but all aspects of your being. This also includes the pro­fessional field in which this speciali­zation is embedded: is it really for you, does it fit your current phase of life? Because with speciali­zation everything intensifies many times over, so you should only specialize in a field that gives you pleasure and in which you want to advance.

Is there a correct timing for a professional specialization ?

Yes. The timing of a specialization is essential, but it depends, among other things, on your specialization itself. Some specializations are fast moving and have to be continuously renewed or replaced, others, on the other hand, are "evergreens" respectively timeless and shouldn't be changed at all, because with every further year of your profession the depth of knowledge and qualification increases. It's an art to find the right time to get started and also an art to find the exit or to bring the original professional orientation to the next higher level. With the fast-paced specializations, it is important to explore the essence underneath, which enables you to always realign yourself effortlessly.

How I found my own unique profession:

Photo My name is Gabriel Waldeyer, I was born and grew up in Munich (Germany).

Ever since I was able to think and feel consciously, starting around the age of 12, I have liked bizarre people and loners. People who explicitly don't swim with the crowd. Often it is "only" special behavior and perspectives that no one else has except this person. I have an inner dislike for most things that even remotely resemble “ordinary” and “mediocrity”. So I was and have become quite an extremist and loner in my life. Solitude and uniqueness are the states that open me deeply. In my professional life as an IT specialist, I realized very quickly that you can monetize depth of knowledge and expertise in order to gain freedom and self-determination. It is also very inspiring there to exchange ideas with top-class experts with the greatest possible depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic.

To be honest, I can't stand bad quality. One of the reasons why I worked in quality assurance for a very long time. At least working more and more on perfection is a big drive in me when it comes to the right topic, e.g. when it comes to gaining knowledge and truth or e.g. with products that simply last a long time because of their quality. What is essential is the love for the respective topic, which fuels this urge in me.

I also realized that basically no one is irreplaceable in their job, at least not through learnable skills and knowledge and that soft skills are at least as important. And I realized that ultimately only the experts are successful in the market or survive times of crisis who have the highest level of skill, which can only be achieved through talent.

At the same time, I was a half-orphan from the age of 5 and a full-orphan from the age of 16 and had to rely on myself to support myself mentally, emotionally and financially without outside help. I was able to use the gifts from this experience profitably and pass them on to my clients today.

I always taught myself my knowledge out of an interest. I never attended a higher school education, but I have been successfully self-employed since 1987. Even with this gift of this experience, namely being unable to learn something that is no fun and still being professionally successful, I can encourage my clients today that lengthy training is not always necessary. Even if I'm not against a solid education in principle, moreless the opposite.

In 2019 I commissioned a specialist to tell me my soul gift, which he let me know after just one session and without knowing anything about me: the whole thing was called "REMATON specialist for specialization". This was followed by a more detailed description, including the information that the person who comes to me must already have a number of prerequisites for my gift to “be triggered” at all.

It took more than a year before I could believe this message, because it had been transmitted from a level that was very far away from me at the time, so I first had to make this gift accessible to myself and feel it. This was possible, among other things, by trying it out. To this day I still have doubts that this is the truth, but I just dedicate to this idea because 1. I don't have anything better up my sleeve, 2. this information is also just perfect for my life so far as well fits my personality and what happened to me, 3. this gift is unique and 4. I was gradually able to experience that this spiritual gift really works, i.e. information is passed on that is beyond my understanding.

Anyway, I have always been passionate about the big questions, why am I here, what is the point of all this suffering here on earth, why couldn't we all just stay in paradise?

From all of this I have developed my second job, in which I make my gift available to people with dedication to challenges within a specialization process, no matter what form. I take money for this activity for two important reasons: namely a) that no one owes me an energy balance and b) that there is really enough suffering on the unsolved questions. I am deliberately NOT financially dependent on this because that would bring my gift down from the intuitive (soul) to the cognitive (body, mind, ego, mind, feeling) level and thus elude its solution basis.

What exactly is the Cashcow-Talent?

A cash cow is the product in a company that simply earns money without a lot of effort or advertising, so it is practically a sure-fire success. In this capacity, it can, for example, finance innovations that do not generate a return on investment at the beginning. According to my definition, the cash cow talent is the point of your character qualities and abilities with which you can generate an income without effort. To do this, you have to specialize in it and first need a broad pro­fessional field that suits you.

The cash cow talent does not necessarily have to be the same as the 0.1% unique­ness, mentioned here, but can, for example, only finance it temporarily until a new speciali­zation level and quality of the cash cow talent is reached. I call this process life­long and constantly ongoing, essential speciali­zation, in which we get closer and closer to our core being.

There is an important differentiation bet­ween a cash cow talent and the unique, authentic cash cow talent. The former uses the skills you have learned to generate a flow of money and, although you enjoy making money with it, it can become ex­haustive or no longer meaning­ful for you, especially from the second half of your life on, while the latter essen­tially uses the options you have brought with you since birth and is not using any foreign know­ledge,so that you are original with it. The closer you are to your 0.1% in the second, the more impossible it will be for someone to copy you and the more ful­filling your pro­fessional work will be which you support with those qualities.

If you would like support on this path ...

... e.g. because due to operational blindness you should not have any clarity about what exactly your essential qualities are, which you could use professionally or would just like to have a second opinion, then you are welcome to book an individual appointment here:

Investment: 250 EUR (215 GBP / 247 USD / 244 CHF) VAT inclusive. Duration between 45 and 90 minutes per session. Consulting via telephone, video or messenger-call pre and post work as part of the price. Time zone for the slots shown in the booking calender is: UTC+01/UTC+02 (CET/CEST).

How many sessions are required and what does it cost you ?

Experience has shown that the number of sessions to identify your cash cow talent or the ideal specialization respectively niche for your respective phase of life is between 1 and 3 appointments at intervals of a few weeks and months, with pronounced scanner personalities up to 10. In the continuing appointments, the initial information usually comes back again and is confirmed and there is support in a phase in which courage or confirmation is required to stay on your path and to believe in yourself.

Investment: these are mainly the steps you go after a session with me, I only give help for self-help, do not carry dead dogs across the street and only read from your field and thus consult mine. The better and more precise your question, the better and more precisely you will get the answer.

Next workshop / Get-in-touch:

My focus is the D.A.CH area in German language for workshops at the moment. But feel free, to get in touch with me on LinkedIn to request an event in English: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rematon

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My contribution to the common public interest:

The common good arises when every­one takes full responsi­bility for them­selves. This means, among other things, to be original. 1 half-finished original is worth more than 1000 perfect copies. Nobody needs to study at uni­versity to be an original. I support this with my work.

What exactly does REMATON mean ?

REMATON corresponds to the vibration frequency of my gift that I brought with me on the soul level, namely the recognition of your very own, authentic and unique cash cow talent or the specialization or niche that is right for you. In a lived unity consciousness, REMATON represents this aspect in yourself. There it is called REMATON, your unique and authentic cash cow talent! If you react intuitively to this, then I am the right person for your concern, no matter what it is. Based on the conviction that our souls or intuition work very much differently than our minds, namely from a much higher point of view on worldly things and recognizes much more higher connections I mainly work from the intuitive solution level. For the ratio, R.E.M.A.T.O.N. can be seen as an abbreviation for:

R econnection to your
E ssence and uniqueness within your very own and supporting
M atrix where you overcome your
A nxiety and where you handle your
T oDos in
O peness upon your holistic being to walk
N on-copyable ways within your profession in which you will be most successful.

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