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Photo This I want, this is me, this is what I create, this drives me, lets me be, live, move and be creative:


Hi dear reader, my name is Gabriel Waldeyer, I was born and grew up in Munich (Germany).

Ever since I was able to think and feel consciously, starting around the age of 12,  I always liked people who, on the one hand, live a self-determined life (such as entrepreneurs) and on the other hand are originals, unique and/or "kind of weird" people,  who explicitly don't swim with the crowd.  Often it is "only" special behavior and perspectives that no one else has except this person.  I have an inner dislike for most things that even remotely resemble “ordinary” and “mediocrity”. 

Likewise, since then I have never understood why we incarnate from paradise to earth and then things are demanded of us that are not really ours. Someone who is fulfilled and motivated in their job relieves and inspires me, I am also quite dismayed when this is not the case, as I estimate, that this is the case for at least 70% of people. That's why I decided that I would never want to have my own children until this world didn't seem more worth living in. But don't worry, that perspective has changed after I was able to look at soul's purposes from a higher level.

Photo So I was and have become a seeker of truth, quite an extremist and loner in my life as I have noticed that I was quite alone with my attitude. 

Individuality, unique selling points, independency / freedom and uniqueness are the states that open me deeply. 

As soon as I perceive unique­ness, a unique position in combination with a demand from an out­side or a necessity for this world, I have an urge to persistently "stick with it" and to dig deeper and deepen furtherly.

In my professional life as an IT specialist, I realized very quickly that you can monetize depth of knowledge and expertise in order to gain freedom and self-determination. It is also very inspiring to exchange ideas and co-create with top-class experts with the greatest possible depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic. 

To be honest, I can't stand bad quality. One of the reasons why I worked in quality assurance for a very long time. At least working more and more on perfection is a big drive in me when it comes to the right topic, e.g. when it comes to gaining knowledge and truth or e.g. with products that simply last a long time because of their quality. For me, tradition also has the aftertaste of sticking with something that is good and beautiful and not wanting to keep pouring old wine into new bottles. The healthy foundation of that quality and prefection drive is the love for the respective topic, which fuels this urge in me. 

Photo I also realized that basically no one is irreplaceable in their job,  at least not through learnable skills and knowledge and that soft skills and personality are at least as important in order to be in demand.  And I realized that ultimately only the experts are success­ful in the market or  survive times of crisis who have the highest level of skill,  which can only be achieved through talent

Based on these insights, I also mentioned the symbolic "0.1% uniqueness" in many places, because non-soul-based-conditioning works for a while, but in my opinion does not lead to a fulfilled existence and don't work out in the long term, but are moreless ego-triggered self-deceptions in order to take control of your life instead of let things happen.  The opposite of humble acceptance of one's soul plan in complete surrender to one's higher self without wanting to control, influence or understand it. 

At the same time, I was a half-orphan from the age of 5  and a full-orphan from the age of 16 and had to rely on myself to support myself mentally,  emotionally and financially without outside help.  I was able to use the gifts from this experience profitably and pass them on to my clients today. 

I always imparted my know­ledge auto­didactically and not through training institutes and always out of an interest.  I am the living example that specialization leads to success even without a high school diploma and studies if it is talent-oriented and the right thing is chosen at the right time.  Every type of learner is different, I am basically in favor of a solid education, if it is consistent

Photo Since the age of 19 I have been self-employed as a freelancer.

My level of knowledge compares to an academic degree of business management engineering through professional practice and self-studies.  This was awarded to me by university professors, which I consider completely unimportant for my part, but this is sometimes essential for my fellow human beings. 

By describing this way of life (which my higher self probably created for me) I'd like to encourage people that good certificates and diplomas are by no means necessary to be able to work with successl in a professional field.  Unfortunately this is not the case at all to this day, especially in German-speaking countries when I read through the job postings (unlike other countries like USA).  One more reason to counteract this

I mostly and passionately like to work with academics because they have chosen to deepen their knowledge and I can find the same wavelength here. 

In 2019 I commissioned a specialist to tell me the meaning of my existence and my spiritual talents and gifts.  After just one session and without knowing anything about me, he let me know that my life purpose was SPECIALIST OF SPECIALIZATION and that this gift is very much attuned to the physical level of being

Photo It took more than a year (until 2021) until I could believe this message,  because it had been transmitted from a level that was very far away from me at the time,  so I first had to make this gift accessible to myself and feel it.  This was possible, among other things, by trying it out.  To this day I still have doubts that this is the truth,  but I decided to just dedicate to this idea because  1. I don't have anything better up my sleeve,  2. this information is also just perfect for my life so far as well fits my personality  and what happened to me,  3. this gift is unique and  4. I was gradually able to experience that this spiritual gift really works (even when I do not believe it),  i.e. information is passed on that is beyond my understanding. 

Photo It took another year (until 2022) until I realized that my life task announcements from outside were colored by the worldview of the person who gave me this information and that actually this announcement was solely meant for his very own spiritual development as he was always honset to tell me exactly this (but I did not really believe it in my hunger for knowing my existance purpose). I was just providing myself for his own development like this is often the case in seminars, healing or coaching sessions. However, of course not without generating additional own knowledge from it. I had to free myself from this external programming and only follow my very own truth,  which enabled me to make myself visible with backbone, stability and self-confidence and to offer my services publicly.

In 2016, I had already decided to be the bridge between the physical perceptual reality that is tangible to the mind and the subtle,  infinite and timeless world. At this point, I still lacked clarity about my focus / specialization in regards to my professionally usable soul competence.

Photo From all of this, I have developed my very own, nature-conform specialization  in which I focus on the achievement of financial freedom coupled with time prosperity by focusing on the natural and developed talents and,  as a project and crisis manager, I assist in the development process of projects that are close to someones heart and soul.

I'll be happy to tell you another time about the crises I went through and the down times that brought me to where I am today, this would be too much additional text here :-).


Here: https://rematon.ch/interview.html is the link to an interview about my work and kind of doing (in German language).


How many sessions are required and what other effort is necessary ?

Experience has shown that the number of sessions to identify your cash cow talent or the ideal specialization respectively niche for your respective phase of life is between 1 and 3 appointments at intervals of a few weeks and months but for scanners, multi-talented or those who would like to have more, there are intensive packages with long-term process accompaniment available as well. During the entire accompaniment period, there is more detail with each follow-up appointment, where also courage, focus and confirmation will be submitted to stabilize and encourage you on your path and to believe in yourself. The coherence test of a specialization idea you brought with you takes place in just 1 appointment.

Effort: these are mainly the steps you go after a session with me, I only give help for self-help, do not carry dead dogs across the street and only read from your field and thus consult mine.

Tipp: the better and more precise your question, the better and more precisely you will get the answer.

Cashflow of your investment

Wasserfall am Westpeloponnes im Juni 2021

→ An always indivi­dual multi­pli­cation factor of the invest­ment goes back to you in the subtle form of information that lifts you up and helps you to develop further.

→ For me, the solution work on your issue is an increase of my inner wealth because this service is pure higher self-realization.

So a win-win situation occurs, according to my vision of a better working world described here

I would like to make transparant to you in which directions your investment will flow furtherly, from a purely financial point of view:

19% of the 250 EUR goes to the German tax authority with pleasure in the form of VAT and finances our community and infra­structure that supports us all. 

22% of the remaining 210 EUR will be forwarded to support non-profit organi­zations

36% of the remaining 210 EUR goes to the German tax authority with pleasure in the form of income tax and finances our community and infra­structure that supports us all. 

7% of the remaining 210 EUR is used to maintain the statutory social insurance needs and finances health issues of the community. 

13% of the remaining 210 EUR is used to maintain the "roof over my head" (rent

22% of the remaining 210 EUR is used for myself

Spiegelung an der Würm im Juni 2022

My contribution to the common public interest

→ The common good arises when every­one takes full responsi­bility for them­selves. This means, among other things, to be original. A half-finished original is worth more than 1000 perfect copies. Nobody needs to study at uni­versity to be an original. I support this with my work.

19+22+36=77% of the money received from my research work flows into community or non-profit institutions from which I have no directly attributable benefit.


What does REMATON stand for ?

R econnection to your
E ssence and uniqueness within your very own and supporting
M atrix where you overcome your
A nxiety and where you handle your
T oDos in
O peness upon your holistic being to walk
N on-copyable ways within your profession in which you will be self-realized.

Meer in Türkis Blau am Westpeloponnes bei Kalo Nero im Juni 2021

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Purity promise

Augustiner Bierfahne beim Eckbauer Bergrestaurant im Januar 2023

Inspired by the Bavarian purity law for beer anno 1516 is this web­site free from any online marketing, ad­vertising methods, psycho­logical tricks, advertising offers and other useless, dis­honest and annoying things, such as cookies. It also does not contain a single line of super­fluous HTML coding and this re­presents the aim of my work. Testi­monials are also not listed here because they are mostly one-sided with resulting mani­pulation and do not provide an objective overall picture. This is my own purity law personally applied here for a service offer of the new age.

Attention: this purity law can of course only apply to my own domains / websites: cibwal.com, gabriel-waldeyer.com, rematon.ch, rematon.eu, rematon.tv, cashcow-talent.com , cashcow-talent.de, nischen-bestätigung.com, niche-confirmation.com, spezialist-für-spezialisierung.com and specialist-for-specialization.com and not to the linked services such as Terminland.

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