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Suitability check: with this test you can find out, whether my consulting can deliver maximum good results.

This questionaire is completely anonymous. The input data is not being stored. Details to my purity promise here.

Which of these states/ideals/values/attitudes represent you? You...
... would like to get better and better in your field because you love it so much and want to earn a lot of money with it
...have already chosen your preferred professional field, which you enjoy and would like to advance in it
...you have very, very high standards of quality
...are open to extraordinary or out-of-body truths and ideas
...believe your higher self more than your mind/­science
...you have the highest standards of honesty and truth
...are introverted, highly sensitive or highly talented
...have a great interest in being original
...have had enough of messages from the spiritual world and would like to finally be the conscious creator of your own life or completely trust in God
Are you active in one of the following professional fields: science, research, healing (not: coaching/ mentoring), computer science or music/ art?
Have you finished the development phase (usually under 40) in your life and started the meaningful phase (usually over 40)?
With which of my abilities may I serve you passionately and devotedly?
By naming your
0.1% uniqueness with which you stand out from the crowd
With the clarification of your cash cow talent (effortless active income)
Top 1...n ranking of your many good ideas at soul level

Such a standarized, simplified test cannot replace a personal consultation with an expert. No liability is granted for the correctness of the result. © 2021 by CIBWAL LTD Cyprus.

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